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Feuilles de vigne



Les Grognuz

Associated since 2002, Marco and François Grognuz share the same philosophy of wine, with a definite taste for mixing. Marco and François weave links between Vaud and Valais by exploiting 17 hectares between St-Saphorin, Chardonne, Villeneuve - where the winery is located - Fully and Les Evouettes.

An astonishing trajectory for the Grognuz, pure-sugar Vaudois from Poliez-Pittet in Gros-de-Vaud. The family settled in La Tour-de-Peilz in 1848 to work the vineyard. The family is rooted there: father and son represent the 4th and 5th generation of winegrowers and winemakers, who still live there. Viticulture was for a long time  associated with the operation of the Café du Center - which has now disappeared - where all the estate's wines were found. This very strong anchoring does not prevent the Grognuz from discovering new horizons. Father and Son go regularly to California, where Laurence, François' sister lives. She married René Schlatter, owner of the prestigious Merryvale Vineyards estate in Napa Valley. Another nod to the United States, François, after a 5 harvest in Napa Valley, in renowned cellars such as Stag's Leap Wine Cellars; Beringer; Cain Vineyards and Kent Rasmussen.

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